'Shiny happy people....'


Vintage Cardigan | TRAID
Black Cardigan | Topshop
Snood | American Apparel
Skirt | Primark
Belt | Primark
Bag | Marc Jacobs
Boots | Topshop
Socks | Topshop
Earrings | Primark

So yesterday I went to meet my amazing friend Amie in Holland Park .We ended up going to Paul (that little French place with the pretty cakes) and literally everything looked so delicious, it took me forever to decide what I wanted ...Safe to say the lady behind me was NOT impressed! Luckily the sun decide to shine which took the edge off of the frankly ridiculously freezing weather we've been having here in London. I'm always soo bloody cold so I decided to basically wear all the clean clothes I could find layered on top of each other...yup. In the picture above I'm wearing a jumper, a huge chunky knit cardi, a denim jacket and and another oversized cardigan.........

Oh and later I popped into a pub to use the loo and came across this little gem :-)

Lot's of Love Darlene xXx
Hi I'm Darlene ,I live in East London. This my first blog entry and if I'm honest I'm a liiiiitttlllee bit scared so please be kind! I spend SO much of my time (mainly when I'm supposed to be doing work) reading blogs and watching vlogs and tutorials on YouTube. Basically, I'm really nosey and love taking a sneak peak into other peoples lives .

So, I guess I'll write about stuff that interests me like music, fashion ,make-up and food ..... yeah DEFINITELY food! But we'll see how it goes, yeah?...

Lots of love,
Darlene xXx