One T-shirt/Three Looks.

So, we've been extremely lucky with the weather in London this Summer. The bright piercing sun, and soaring temperatures have meant I've been able to spend long afternoons in parks with friends and that I've found myself taking long wandering walks with no set destination in mind when I set off. It's been a great summer, it really has but one thing I've noticed is that for the most part I've had absolutely no clue what to wear and so I've been relying on the same simple staple pieces, in particular this really loose, grey marl t-shirt I picked up in H&M. It literally goes with everything, and I kind of knew that as soon as I saw it, so I grabbed the charcoal coloured version of it as well! They fit perfectly ,look effortless and were only £6.99 each!


Wish You Were Here

Inspired by the fact that I really REALLY want to go on holiday. I love living in London for the  opportunities, but the hustle and bustle can sometimes get too much for me. I have this overwhelming urge to


All the colours of the rainbow. 

I love a bit of colour, and this outfit takes me right back to the carefree summer holidays I had as a kid