14/01/15: THE TARTAN SKIRT 

The American Apparel  Tennis Skirt has been on my wish list for ages! I love it in black, white ....all the colours, but the ones I love the most are the tartan, school girl style ones! However, I don't have £46 to spare and even if I did I think that's a lot for what it is. 
As I've kind of banned myself from shopping this month I've been rummaging around my old stuff to see what I can dig out. I found this skirt that I bought in the clothes section at ASDA years ago (pretty sure I got it in the kids section!) I mean I still prefer the AA one but minus the buttons round the waist on this one,they're basically the same skirt!  So, before clicking 'proceed to checkout' try delving into the depths of your wardrobe you never know what you'll find lurking down there!

Leather Jacket-Topshop
Skirt-George at ASDA

See you tomorrow!!

xxx Lot's of Love Darlene xxx