04/01/15: I LIKE YOU CULOTTE 
(...see what I did there)

So, I have confession.... I'm a little bit obsessed with these, culottes. There I said it. Haha, no but really they add some serious cool factor and sophistication to an outfit. To begin with I didn't know what to do with these palazzo, capri pant hybrid creations, but now that they're in my life I couldn't be without them. I'd like to thank our mutual friend Primark for introducing us!
I styled them very simply, with this crop top from AA.

The wide brimmed hat is from H+M.
This floor length waistcoat was my mums.......until I stole it .

...and these suede pointed boots are oldies from Zara.

Hope you're having a great Sunday wherever you are and whatever you're doing!

xxx Lots of Love Darlene xxx