It being a new year and all, I've kind of challenged myself to post an outfit every day of January. I love a challenge plus I have a ridiculous amount of clothes, most of which, I rarely wear or have forgotten about. My aim for this month is to stop shopping so much (carefully worded because it's nearly impossible for me not to shop at all) and utilise the amazing clothes that I already own. Also,  I never know what to wear so this will be a very useful database of 31 ready made outfits that I know work!! Right so here's day two,  see you tomorrow :-) ( look at me getting all cocky hahaha)xxx

 I can't figure out whether these trousers from Monki are turtle or giraffe print, hence the title.Whatever they are, I really love the pattern and the lovely pop of colour that they bring to my outfit.
 I just whacked on a plain simple top from H&M  with my trusty Topshop leather jacket and my faux fur muff/handbag by Carin Wester.

....oh and not forgetting my lovely shoes from Zara and my scarf is from H&M.

This Fedora was a steal at only £7 from Primark.

xxx Lots of love Darlene xxx