So, I did it!! I sucessfully posted a new outfit every single day of this month! There were a few times I didn't think I'd get them done though! I found it quite difficult because I never really know what to wear, I'm very indecisive and always in a rush to get out the door!! As I said a couple of days ago I've really learned a lot about what looks good on me! I now have a much clearer idea about how I want to style myself from now on! So, without further ado here's the last outfit of my challenge! I hope you enjoyed it and that maybe in some way it inspired you! 
Grey T-Shirt//ZARA
Joni Jeans//TOPSHOP
Buckle Shoes//H+M
Scarf + Hat//H+M

Just a few of my favourites ......
Lots of love Darlene xxx