So, a few years ago when I was at uni I started to eat a bowl of cereal and as I swallowed it my entire throat started to itch, ever since I've had issues with dairy products(milk and butter in particular).
 Before that, I'd eaten dairy in excess and would put cheese on everything. Being away from home I tried to make everything as flavoursome and as tasty as my mum did- and melted cheese always did the trick! 
So, I did my research and when I read the words 'Lactose Intolerant' I thought my life was over. Sounds dramatic but I was the girl known for eating an entire family sized bar of Cadbury's Wholenut Chocolate for dinner, the girl who lived off of Kellog's Crunchy Nut, no matter what time of day it was I could be found crunching and slurping away on that stuff (o.k well obviously I don't slurp... or make any other undesirable sound as I delicately devour my food). There were tears involved, but with time and research I learned how to still have yummy food minus the cow juice. Enjoy.

  1. Fill half the bowl with yoghurt
  2. Fill other half with granola.
  3. Wash and chop up fruit, then toss over yoghurt ...then tada a quick, easy and healthy breakfast.

Now don't get me wrong, I still sometimes eat dairy (like when I went to Italy yuuummm) but I always eat it in moderation and sometimes go weeks without eating it at all, depending on how I feel. I always say 'I love dairy, it just doesn't seem to love me'. Although, I miss being able to eat as much chocolate e.t.c as I like, this intolerance has made me a lot more aware of the food that I put in my mouth and I now read food labels which I never really did before :-)!
Anyway, lots of dairy free love! Darlene xXx