So, it's that time again! There are just so many options to choose from, but here are some the ones I've been lusting over! Admittedly, some of the coats featured are more affordable than others, but there are a few beauties that I just couldn't resist slipping in there! Hope you like them, which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!! Lots of Love Darlene xXx



What are you waiting for?

So, lately I've just been working loads and rehearsing with the girls (I'm in a girlband). So,  I've not had much time to do blogposts and I also have to rely on natural lighting till I can afford to buy 1. a better camera and 2. some cool lighting (I really want a ring light!!!). Anyway I had alot of fun doing this post and it was during the day when all the kiddies were at school, so I had free reign of this park near where I live!! I hope you enjoy!

P.S I am absolutely in LOVE with my new grungy chunky boots featured in this post! I've been a bit naughty again and been shopping ooops... I've bought a lot of lovely stuff recently that I literally can't wait to show you, so stay tuned for a another haul!!! I made a video of this Outfit of the day on my new Youtube channel also which I'll pop below. I really want to start posting more regularly on there because I really love doing it!! Lots of Love Darlene xxx