"What ?Now? I just can't figure it out....."

I've had a lovely couple of days, yesterday evening I went  to see Tiff, and she treated me to a belated birthday Nando's and I had the yummiest carrot cake for dessert !!

Theeennnn today ,I met Tammy at Itsu by Liverpool Street Station ...... I love this place, the food is sooo tasty and healthy. Also, it steers clear of artifical sweeteners ,additives and all that yucky stuff !!

So nice catching up with ma buddies ... however, I'm now officially addicted to sweet and salt popcorn !!! I'm one of those annoyingly indecisive people ....so now that now that's one less decision for me to make....PHEW !!!

Lots of Love Darlene xXx


'They drink horse milk....'

So, today my friend Nneka asked me to help her out as she needed an actress for and advert she's doing for her uni course. I played a young woman who's being proposed to by her boyfriend ... awwww. It was soooo much fun and it was really cool hanging out on a uni campus. I went to drama so it was definitely a new experience for me.... For, one there were so many people,plus they even have a shop which is called the "Village Store"... so freaking cute ! Oohh and they even have a ping pong table outside( I'm sooo easily impressed... I know)! I've always dreamed of going to university (or 'College' as theys say in the U.S) in America. I wanna be a cheerleader and date a jock and go to prom ahhhhh! Too many years watching Nickelodeon I guess...!

Anyway, back to the advert my boyfriend/ fiance was played by the marvelous Dimitri and behind the camera was the lovely Marta and Nnekas' friend Caleb played Dimitri's father .

 PERFECT !!!! INneka

 Nneka is one of the prettiest girls I know so it took blacking up one of her perfect teeth (with nail varnish) and VERY good acting to make her look even remotely unappealing hahahahaha !I seriously can't wait to see the final edit of this ,it's gonna be hilarious !!

Oh and look at these ducks ,I like to think that the one behind is chasing the one in front front cos he thinks she's proper fit ...hahahahaha... what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic ;-) ..

Lot's of Love Darlene xXx


'The sun is shining the weather is sweet..'

Today was one word ....BEAUTIFUL !The sun didn't stop stop shining and there wasn't a cloud in sight! So I thought I'd take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and walk down to the canal. My outfit today is inspired by the Rihanna Collection for River Island that's just launched in shops. Love her or loathe her you have to agree her style is bold and fierce and I for one love it! However, I'm really trying to save money at the moment so I thought I'd use stuff I already had to create the same look!


Bobble Hat | H&M
Denim Jacket | eerm had it since I was a kid
Chain | *Ahem* 'borrowed' from my big brother
Crop top | H&M
Skirt | American Apparel
Lumberjack Shirt | Beyond Retro
Wedge Boots | Topshop
Socks | Topshop
Hoop Earrings | Primark
Bracelet | Primark 
Ring | Topshop
Lot's of Love Darlene xXx
and this one was my favourite photo of them all .......

There's me trying to be all serious and Rihanna cool and I get upstaged by this rogue cyclist hahahaha....... love it :-)


'Want that cake cake cake cake cake cake.....bet you wanna put your name on it'

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I feel like that was probably one the best birthdays I've ever had. I woke up washed and straightened my hair got dressed and went and met my friend Briony for brunch in Hoxton .. well it was a pretty late brunch we met at like 2 (Is that still classed as brunch?) .We wanted to go to the Breakfast Club but there was literally a queue around the block so instead we found ourselves in a creperie tucked away just off of Rivington Street called Shutterbug! 

This place is amazing, it's really cute ,the customer service is impeccable and the food... don't get me started on the food ......
I had a bacon ,avocado and spinach crepe to start ,then had a Nutella and strawberry one for dessert ... anndd a freshly squeezed orange juice to wash it all down ! Miss Briony had banana and Nutella one and a macchiato yum .....Yum.......YUUUUUM!!!!
Safe to say we'll definitely be back !!! Plus the owner and the staff were soOOOooo cool.

Military Jacket | Army Stall at Isle of Wight Festival
Cardigan | Topshop
Snood | American Apparel
Dress | Topshop
Bracelet | Primark
Boots | Topshop
Bag | Marc Jacobs

Then I went and did a bit shopping as I still didn't have a anything to wear for my b-day meal ....I had a wander around Spitalfields market , popped into Absolute Vintage, Blondie and Urban Outfitters ( I ended up grabbing a Micky Mouse t-shirt from Topshop and pairing them with my trusty faux leather leggings and wedge boots )
Then I went home and did my birthday cake with my family, then shot off to Hampstead for my birthday dinner with my friends at Tinsel Town ..I was only a cool 50mins late.. ooops ! I have a slight obsession with this place ,if you don't already know it's an American style diner with the best burgers ,shakes and desserts ever. Plus they stay open till 4am !!

......MANNNN I love these guys !!!

What a perfect day ! I love my family and friends ....oooh and I was at Liverpool St station just about to top up my oyster card and this guy gave me his travel card for the day for free as he wasn't going to be using it ...score !!!!

Lot's of Birthday Love Darlene xXx


'C'est la vie ....

Aaaargh Friday was just one of those days .... So basically I got to work a whole TWO HOURS late because I didn't read the timetable properly  .I thought I started at 2pm when I really started at 9.30 am !!!!Cue a call from my manager asking me where the hell I was..... !! I swear I've never gotten ready so fast in my entire life.....I rocked up late , not a stitch of makeup on ,with hair that was frankly frightening !It's days like that, that build character I guess ,but I just felt like I spent the whole day apologising which is never fun ,especially when it's a bloody 12 hour shift... yeah I know. Also a little confession I felt sad ,so on the way home I bought myself a big packet of those yummy hazelnut wafer things and ate EVERY single one of them and then I had a little cry to myself. I felt alot better though (a little bit bloated) but sometimes you just need to get it all out , put your pyjamas and sing along to a bit of Kelly Clarkson on full blast to make you feel better !



 On the upside ,I met a girl from Essex who seemed even more excited about 'The Big Reunion' than I was .If you didn't know, some of the biggest bands from the 90's + 00's such as Liberty X, Five ,Honeyz and my ultimate faves Bewitched are reforming for a nationwide arena tour ... Plus ,I didn't realise it but there's an ITV series about them all reforming that I HAVE to watch !!!! Anyway yesterday was .....MY BIIIIRRTTTTHHHDAAAAAYYYY !!! Stay tuned for a blog about what I got up to

(Seee Bewitched were rocking that whole 'double denim' trend agggeeesss ago :-D )

Lot's of Love
Darlene xXx

(link if you wanna grab some tickets)

(Link for tv show)