'C'est la vie ....

Aaaargh Friday was just one of those days .... So basically I got to work a whole TWO HOURS late because I didn't read the timetable properly  .I thought I started at 2pm when I really started at 9.30 am !!!!Cue a call from my manager asking me where the hell I was..... !! I swear I've never gotten ready so fast in my entire life.....I rocked up late , not a stitch of makeup on ,with hair that was frankly frightening !It's days like that, that build character I guess ,but I just felt like I spent the whole day apologising which is never fun ,especially when it's a bloody 12 hour shift... yeah I know. Also a little confession I felt sad ,so on the way home I bought myself a big packet of those yummy hazelnut wafer things and ate EVERY single one of them and then I had a little cry to myself. I felt alot better though (a little bit bloated) but sometimes you just need to get it all out , put your pyjamas and sing along to a bit of Kelly Clarkson on full blast to make you feel better !



 On the upside ,I met a girl from Essex who seemed even more excited about 'The Big Reunion' than I was .If you didn't know, some of the biggest bands from the 90's + 00's such as Liberty X, Five ,Honeyz and my ultimate faves Bewitched are reforming for a nationwide arena tour ... Plus ,I didn't realise it but there's an ITV series about them all reforming that I HAVE to watch !!!! Anyway yesterday was .....MY BIIIIRRTTTTHHHDAAAAAYYYY !!! Stay tuned for a blog about what I got up to

(Seee Bewitched were rocking that whole 'double denim' trend agggeeesss ago :-D )

Lot's of Love
Darlene xXx

(link if you wanna grab some tickets)

(Link for tv show)