GOODBYE 2014 

I mean what better way to say goodbye to 2014, than by wearing electric blue leopard print and leather

 This year I've had some insane highs that I never thought I'd get to experience and then some lows that made so sad and pretty angry. I've learned this year that to truly appreciate the highs you need to experience the lows, fully and whole heartedly. Also,I learned that half hearted efforts only return mediocre results, so whatever you do, do it boldy ! I want to be more bold with my fashion choices with the decisions that I make and the things that I do. I want to be less apologetic, I want to find true, beautiful, passionate love...but most of all I want to continue being happy, no matter what this crazy world throws at me.

I know people say that there's no point in making New Years resolutions, but I think as long as they aren't too restrictive, they're a useful tool. I personally like to make new day resolutions e.g. 'today I will drink more water', as I find them more manageable and less overwhelming.
Anyway, I'll be saying goodbye to any negativity I experienced from this year and I aim to carry forward and expand on all the amazing positives!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Lot's of love, Darlene

...all that jumping around clearly wore me out hehe!

Joni Jeans- Topshop
Trainers- Vans
Beanie- M&S
Leather Jacket- Topshop


 Let the sun shine 

You would never guess from these pictures that it was a freezing day in the middle of Winter, would you? Today was so bright and beautiful it inspired me to peel off my Christmas pj's, dust of my camera and take some pictures! I had a guest appearance on set (hehe) today from my amazing big brother, who threw on a hoodie a hat at the last minute to help me even though it was absolutely baltic. It was weird having someone at the other side of the lense (and also nice, not to have to set the self-timer and sprint into place for every shot hahaha). Thanks so much Edward!

Hoodie- Ralph Lauren
PJ'S- Primark
Bobble Hat- Lid's (in the US)
...also I've been busy making video's for my Youtube channel, in fact I literally just put one up so check it out!!

Top- Urban Outfitters
Culottes- Primark
Shoes- H&M


  breton with it ! 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas, I certainly did, I spent it at my aunts house surrounded by my huge, crazy family and of course ate lots of food :-)!!

 I'm back with this very simple and classic look, perfect for shopping with friends or for lunch at a pretty little café somewhere! I'd of course wear this look with my Winter coat (which is a huge black cocoon shaped faux shearling number from H+M, if you were wondering)and probably a plain black/camel coloured cardigan because it's currently absolutely freezing in London :-(

Have you checked out my latest  YouTube video?
If not, click on the video below to see my latest Primark Haul!!
Lot's of Love Darlene xXx

Breton Top and Jeans - Primark
Shoes -H&M
Scarf H&M
Bag- Longchamp


  The Most Wonderful Time of The Year  

So tomorrow's the big day, have a lovely day, relax, eat, drink and be  extremely merry! Here's a little outfit I put together! These trousers (that I got from H&M a little while back) are beyond fabulous and kinda remind me of tinsel !! 

Anyway, I hope you all get what you wish for whether it be clothes, makeup or simply happiness and health for your family

Also if you're stuck for last minute presents and are currently wrapping up warm to go out and brave the Christmas Eve crowds I made a quick video with some cheap yet chic gift ideas ALL UNDER £10....you're very welcome hehehe:-) xxx

 Right, enough YouTube channel plugging let's get on with the post and and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! Lot's of Love Darlene xxxx

Bag/Muff- Carin Wester
Glasses-Brick Lane Market
Baubles and Candy Canes- Umm my Tree :-)


  d o n 't  w a i t  u p  

'Tis the season to go out with your mates and soak up all the festive fun, right??!! However, I'm currently sitting in my room wearing tracksuit bottoms and a baggy jumper haha !! I like to stockpile 'going out' outfits in advance because I never know what to wear, to parties and things! This outfit's so simple and also easy to dress up or down. 

Pop a chunky knit cardigan on and lose the hat for a cosy night at your local pub.

 Or whack on some 'way too high to walk in' chunky heeled boots (think Jeffrey Campbell) and a long black duster coat for a real head turning ensemble.  

Till next time ....

Lots of love Darlene xxx

Top( part of set)- Boohoo
Leather Jacket- Topshop
Riding Pants-American Apparel
Lace ups- Zara
Muff/Bag- Carin Wester


 ugly shoe

I'm absolutely obsessed with this camel jumper that I got from H&M for an absolute bargain of £7 I thought the sticker  had been stuck on incorrectly, but I was so happy when it scanned through!
Also, I can't get enough of my new Zara shoes, they're kinda ugly but I've always loved an ugly shoe I don't quite know why hahaha!
Lots of Love Darlene xx

Skirt- American Apparel
(ugly)Shoes- Zara
Bag-Longchamp (this is the large version of my bag, as mine is currently sold out online)



 Last week I placed an order on Boohoo, I never really order clothes online because I worry about how it'll fit and quality. I know that most sites lets you return them for free if you're unhappy, but that's always seemed like such a faff  to have to go line up in the Post Office just to send it back .I'm much more comfortable with buying clothes in store so that I can try them on. However I noticed that Boohoo were offering 20% off all of their dresses plus free delivery on everything so I simply couldn't resist having a little look and one thing lead to another and a week later these babies were delivered to me (in a rather festive package may I add). I was pleasantly surprised by what I received. 

I also did a video of me opening the package and my first impressions/ reactions on my YouTube Channel if you fancy checking it out! 

 Ruth Lurex Co-Ord 

I love this set it'll be perfect for a night out. Although I noticed the material felt a bit scratchy on the skin (around the waistband on the shorts) when I first put this on but by the times I'd taken a few photos I'd totally forgotten about it and it didn't bother me at all. 

 Camilla BodyCon 
 in Ruby 

  Camilla BodyCon  
  in White  

I like these dresses they're simple and perfect for just throwing on with some heels when you need a quick outfit. They fit well but aren't  as fitted as I usually like (but then again I'm obsessed with American Apparel body cons) but for £6.40 who am I to complain eh?!. They're very comfortable and are a nice length.

 Chelsie Side Split Midi 


Initially I was going to buy a similar one on ASOS but this one was £8 cheaper and looked pretty much identical. I really like this skirt it's really simple and versatile.




après ski

Sorry for being a bit M.I.A lately I've been working extra hard to save money for Christmas. I just bought my first pair of American Apparel Riding Pants and I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit obsessed! I'm in love with all things AA at the moment I just love the fit of their clothes and the overall simple aesthetic of the brand! Hope you like this post!! xxxx

Fur headband- TOPSHOP
Crop Top- American Apparel
Riding Pants- American Apparel
Wellies- Hunter