GOODBYE 2014 

I mean what better way to say goodbye to 2014, than by wearing electric blue leopard print and leather

 This year I've had some insane highs that I never thought I'd get to experience and then some lows that made so sad and pretty angry. I've learned this year that to truly appreciate the highs you need to experience the lows, fully and whole heartedly. Also,I learned that half hearted efforts only return mediocre results, so whatever you do, do it boldy ! I want to be more bold with my fashion choices with the decisions that I make and the things that I do. I want to be less apologetic, I want to find true, beautiful, passionate love...but most of all I want to continue being happy, no matter what this crazy world throws at me.

I know people say that there's no point in making New Years resolutions, but I think as long as they aren't too restrictive, they're a useful tool. I personally like to make new day resolutions e.g. 'today I will drink more water', as I find them more manageable and less overwhelming.
Anyway, I'll be saying goodbye to any negativity I experienced from this year and I aim to carry forward and expand on all the amazing positives!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Lot's of love, Darlene

...all that jumping around clearly wore me out hehe!

Joni Jeans- Topshop
Trainers- Vans
Beanie- M&S
Leather Jacket- Topshop