So, I had to pop down to Brighton for work so I thought I might as well get there early and make a day of it! I literally hadn't been there since I was a teenager. We used to drive down, go clubbing all night then drive back as the sun came up haha! Brighton hasn't changed much since then, it's still a pretty little seaside town with the cutest little cafe's.
The first good thing is that it's super cheap to get there! I bought a train ticket from London Bridge on a Saturday and it was only £10.50 for a super day return (that was without my Young Person's and I bought it on the day I didn't pre-book or anything)!
 As soon as I left the station, I headed straight for the pier front passing lots of pretty little independent cafe's and not to mention a few rogue seagulls on my way!

 When I arrived at the Pier it was just as beautiful as I had remembered and I was lucky because, although it was absolutely freezing, it was a beautiful bright and sunny day! As I ate my lunch on the beach it reminded me just how much happier I am in the sun and being by the water! I'm very grateful to be able to live in a city like London because there are just so many opportunities here, but I've always said I can't see myself living here forever it's just too cold and grey for me hahaha!
This trip has reminded me just how much I love Brighton so I definitely want to go back soon and explore the famous Lanes and maybe have lunch in one of the lovely cafes I saw! However, next time I think I'll come extra early in the day and leave before it gets dark because I did noticed some 'interesting' characters appear after the sun went down hahaha, oh dear!
Lot's of love Darlene xxx
Do more of what makes you happy.