Let the sun shine 

You would never guess from these pictures that it was a freezing day in the middle of Winter, would you? Today was so bright and beautiful it inspired me to peel off my Christmas pj's, dust of my camera and take some pictures! I had a guest appearance on set (hehe) today from my amazing big brother, who threw on a hoodie a hat at the last minute to help me even though it was absolutely baltic. It was weird having someone at the other side of the lense (and also nice, not to have to set the self-timer and sprint into place for every shot hahaha). Thanks so much Edward!

Hoodie- Ralph Lauren
PJ'S- Primark
Bobble Hat- Lid's (in the US)
...also I've been busy making video's for my Youtube channel, in fact I literally just put one up so check it out!!

Top- Urban Outfitters
Culottes- Primark
Shoes- H&M