'They drink horse milk....'

So, today my friend Nneka asked me to help her out as she needed an actress for and advert she's doing for her uni course. I played a young woman who's being proposed to by her boyfriend ... awwww. It was soooo much fun and it was really cool hanging out on a uni campus. I went to drama so it was definitely a new experience for me.... For, one there were so many people,plus they even have a shop which is called the "Village Store"... so freaking cute ! Oohh and they even have a ping pong table outside( I'm sooo easily impressed... I know)! I've always dreamed of going to university (or 'College' as theys say in the U.S) in America. I wanna be a cheerleader and date a jock and go to prom ahhhhh! Too many years watching Nickelodeon I guess...!

Anyway, back to the advert my boyfriend/ fiance was played by the marvelous Dimitri and behind the camera was the lovely Marta and Nnekas' friend Caleb played Dimitri's father .

 PERFECT !!!! INneka

 Nneka is one of the prettiest girls I know so it took blacking up one of her perfect teeth (with nail varnish) and VERY good acting to make her look even remotely unappealing hahahahaha !I seriously can't wait to see the final edit of this ,it's gonna be hilarious !!

Oh and look at these ducks ,I like to think that the one behind is chasing the one in front front cos he thinks she's proper fit ...hahahahaha... what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic ;-) ..

Lot's of Love Darlene xXx