'The sun is shining the weather is sweet..'

Today was one word ....BEAUTIFUL !The sun didn't stop stop shining and there wasn't a cloud in sight! So I thought I'd take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and walk down to the canal. My outfit today is inspired by the Rihanna Collection for River Island that's just launched in shops. Love her or loathe her you have to agree her style is bold and fierce and I for one love it! However, I'm really trying to save money at the moment so I thought I'd use stuff I already had to create the same look!


Bobble Hat | H&M
Denim Jacket | eerm had it since I was a kid
Chain | *Ahem* 'borrowed' from my big brother
Crop top | H&M
Skirt | American Apparel
Lumberjack Shirt | Beyond Retro
Wedge Boots | Topshop
Socks | Topshop
Hoop Earrings | Primark
Bracelet | Primark 
Ring | Topshop
Lot's of Love Darlene xXx
and this one was my favourite photo of them all .......

There's me trying to be all serious and Rihanna cool and I get upstaged by this rogue cyclist hahahaha....... love it :-)