What are you waiting for?

So, lately I've just been working loads and rehearsing with the girls (I'm in a girlband). So,  I've not had much time to do blogposts and I also have to rely on natural lighting till I can afford to buy 1. a better camera and 2. some cool lighting (I really want a ring light!!!). Anyway I had alot of fun doing this post and it was during the day when all the kiddies were at school, so I had free reign of this park near where I live!! I hope you enjoy!

P.S I am absolutely in LOVE with my new grungy chunky boots featured in this post! I've been a bit naughty again and been shopping ooops... I've bought a lot of lovely stuff recently that I literally can't wait to show you, so stay tuned for a another haul!!! I made a video of this Outfit of the day on my new Youtube channel also which I'll pop below. I really want to start posting more regularly on there because I really love doing it!! Lots of Love Darlene xxx

 ......and me just about catching my hat as a huge gust of wind nearly blew it  away haha !!!
Dress- Primark
Duster Coat- Primark
Boots- H&M
Over the Knee Socks- H&M
Oversized Jumper- H&M
Furry Black Bag (It's actually a muff)- Carin Wester