So the more I learn about the some of the harsh and frankly dangerous chemicals that companies routinely put in their products, the more I seek out healthier and more environmentally friendly options. It's very difficult to go cold- turkey and throw out anything with 'bad stuff' in it(I should know I've tried) so I've decided to do it gradually. It's like dieting I guess, you can't just remove chunks of your diet to lose weight you have to replace them with something. So here are a few of my tried and tested natural lip care products.

HURRAW! Lip Balm 

(Hurraw! Lip Balm in Lime and Chai Spice)

I love both of these, they're quite unusual scents/flavours as far as lip products are concerned but they both nice and moisturising! Also they're both 100% vegan, raw organic and coldpressed!
I got them from my local Wholefoods but you can also buy them here

Burt's Bee's

(Burts Bee's in Honey flavour)

Obviously, this one's pretty famous and I've been a fan for years basically because it just does the job and smells nice too. Obviously this one isn't vegan as it contains honey and beeswax but I find it more moisturising and lasts longer than the Hurraw! ones. These are sold in loads of pharmacies but you can buy it from Boots here trust me your lips will thank you.

Balance Me:Shine On Tinted Lip Salve

(Shine on Tinted Lip salve in Sheer Raspberry)

.....and finally a lip gloss and a tinted one at that. I like this one, it smells kind of like tangerines and gives a very subtle gloss. It's moderately, moisturising but I like to slick it over the top of one of the balms for extra moisture. I was lucky enough to get this free in a magazine a while ago but you can buy it here 

I'd also love to find some nice natural lipsticks because I love bold lips from time to time!

Lots of love Darlene xXx