So the other day I decided I 'needed' a few winter bits n bobs so I popped into Primark at Tottenham Court Road. I say 'popped in', but I ended up spending approximately 2 hrs of my life in that place, I swear there was just SO much good stuff!! You know how when you get so excited and you're grabbing everything in sight (kinda like Supermarket Sweep sans the trolly) that you forget you're even holding a basket and just throw everything over your arm till the load gets so heavy, you begin to sweat and it hurts to walk.... yeah that. So, I got quite a bit so I thought it'd be better to split this haul into two parts.

My favourite purchase has to be the daisy t-shirt I got it in a size 16 to get extra slouchy oversized tee effect! I think it looks alot more expensive than it was. Also, I had to do a double take at the price of the red tea dress, its so versatile and I can chuck the furry cardi on over it with thick tights and boots during the winter and wear with bare legs and sandals in the summer!

Also if you didn't know already, Primarni have recently launched their website called 'Primania' I don't think you can buy online from it yet, but it has lots of cool styling ideas for their pieces and the 'What's New' section is great for finding out about their newest pieces before they even hit the shop floor.... have a look here  

Stay tuned for CHAPTER 2 of my Primark Haul.......

Lots of love Darlene xXx