REVIEW: L'OREAL Skin Perfection 3  in 1 Micellar Purifying Solution 

So I love make up, and I take great pride (when I get the chance) in putting it on carefully....However taking it off in the evening when I'm exhausted and just want to fall into bed is a another story. I'm lazy and I usually rely on on my trusty face wipes to remove my makeup in one simple and easy step. However, lately my lazy approach to make up removal has started to show in the form of yucky spots and blemishes. So I decided to invest in something a little different, the L'Oreal Micellar Purifying Solution to be precise. I've just been squirting a bit on a flat cotton pad thingy and swiping off my make up that way easy peasy!

I'm pretty impressed, this product does what it says on the bottle. It dissolves my make up easily but extremely gently, it doesn't sting my eyes and you can even use it as a toner before your moisturiser. Only downside to this type of make-up removal is the amount of cotton pads you need to use (I counted 8 ahhhhhhh). Other than that I really like this product its cleared up my skin a bit and doesn't just move my make up around my face like face wipes tend to do. Lots of Love xXx

......p.s this is on offer at Superdrug at the moment for £3.32, bargain!  x