Hands up, who watched Recess as a kid? I certainly did, this look is inspired by the biker boot, beanie wearing and straight talking Ashley Spinelli. Just to clarify this outfit is just inspired by her, she definitely wasn't running up and down the playground in a side split maxi skirt haha. This is the sort of outfit I could imagine her wearing when she grew up. I think we can all learn a lot from her. I absolutely loved her 'anything the boys can do I can do tooo....and better' attitude so much!
This extremely warm beenie is from M&S 

This huge double sided, tartan blanket/scarf is from Primark.

The black jumper is from H+M
 The leather jacket is from Topshop as are the boots. 

 ...and the skirt is from Boohoo.com

xxx Lot's of Love, Darlene xxx