Remember me? I'm the girl who used to blog here....

So I could make loads of tired excuses as to why I haven't blogged in about 7 months but in actual fact I guess I've just been .....living. It's funny I find blogging so therapeutic and stressful all at the same time ,therapeutic because it's a way of venting the millions of thoughts that run through my excessively overactive mind, kind of like a really public and colourful diary. Stressful because bloggers are supposed to live really interesting fun lives right? Sometimes I get the opportunity to do really cool things other days I spend in bed wearing discoloured mismatched pjs, whilst watching videos on YouTube munching family sized snacks. Also, if extreme procrastination is a disorder I definitely have it. I've been guilty of procrastinating ENTIRE days away.... ridiculous I know. Anyway,one thing is for sure; I love blogging and reading blogs and vlogs and everything else in between, so I may not be consistent with my posts but I want to promise myself that I'll keep at it and when I do blog, I blog cool stuff( I will warn you in advance that my definition of cool is questionable) ... it's all about quality not quantity right!!
Anyway, enough waffling on and more blogging.... Here's (kinda-sorta) my last 7 months in pictures !! Ooooh and I finally betrayed my Blackberry and got myself a pretty white i-phone, which should make uploading stuff when I'm not at home even easier :-) Lots of Love Darlene xXx

.....and just in case you wondered

From L-R 

1:Filming music video in Manchester  2: On a Pedalo in Greenwich Park 
3:On the way to the studio with the girls 4:Wagamamas with Selina

5: Pretending I know what I'm doing 6:Coming home on the train from the Breaking Out Festival in Wales 
7:Canal street in Manchester 8:Hyde Park

9:Victoria Park 10:Breaking Out Festival 
11:Album launch at the Ritzy, Brixton 12: Yummy fish n chips in Leeds

13: In the studio with the girls 14: Park with my little cousin 15:Holland Park 16: Canterbury