The Butler

Last week me and my buddy Selina went to to see The Butler
 at the Coronet in Notting Hill. I had been meaning to see this film for ages and I'm so happy I finally did because it was fantastic and it was unexpectedly funny at points. The only thing that I can criticise is the fact there were SO many big names in it that it was a little bit off putting having them popping up all over the shop. Now, the actual cinema was also really cool although it was a bit dishevelled and smelled like old people it kinda added to the charm of the place ya know... oh and its cheap as chips as well,  although saying that chips are so not that cheap any more £2 for a bag of deep fried potato chunks is definitely not my idea of cheap ....anyway I digress what was I saying? Oh yeah if you live in London go check it's out it cool http://www.coronet.org/

p.s on Tuesdays tickets  are only £3.50

P.S.S Happy New Year!!! Let's make this a good one!!!:-) xXx