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So, I've only been a Vegan for coming up to two months now and I've already discovered some great food products that I absolutely love. The biggest challenge is replacing all your old animal based favourites with new plant based ones so you don't feel like you're missing out! 

The best part is that I got all of these from regular supermarkets and health food shops.

1. Vegetable Stock//Holland & Barrett

I literally couldn't live without this stuff. It adds instant flavour to everything from soups to stir-fry's to stews.

2.Coconut Oil//Holland & Barrett

I love to use this for both skincare(straight out of the bath on 'still damp skin and as an overnight deep moisturising face treatment)and for cooking too. Coconut oil has a million and  one health benefits which I'm sure you're already aware of!

3.Agave Nectar//Tesco

I now actually prefer this stuff to honey. It's delicious drizzled over porridge, cereal and pancakes!

4.Medjool Dates//Tesco

Yes they look like some kind of bug, but trust me they are absolutely delicious.They have a lovely almost fudge-like texture and are super duper sweet. I love having these as an after dinner treat as a replacer for chocolate or something a lot naughtier. 

5.Peppermint & Licorice Tea

By far my favourite tea... ever! Licorice is naturally so sweet that you don't need any form of sweetener!

6. Cheese Sauce Mix//Holland & Barrett

Anyone who loves the taste of cheese but is now lactose intolerant/vegan will love this stuff. Great for a cheeseless mac n cheese or for cheesy mash potato! Yes, you can still get your cheesy fix without any unwanted side effects or consuming animal products! 

7. Meridian Crunchy Peanut

100% nuts(just like me haha)and no added salt, sugar or palm oil... and did I mention its absolutely delicious! I don't even miss the sugar or salt! 

What are your favourite Vegan foods from supermarkets? I'm always looking for new foods to try!

See you soon
Lot's of Love Darlene xXx