I swear if I owned a...
pub that's what I'd call it 'The Pineapple and the Scrunchie'! My pub would be the first non-alcoholic pub EVER (I definitely haven't googled that one, so I don't know if one already exists lol) because I don't drink... well I do drink, I'm not like allergic to water or something (which apparently is an actual thing-google it) what I mean is, I don't drink alcohol!

 I'd serve the best mocktails, freshly squeezed juices and super duper smooth smoothies (and of course we'd stock Shloer for special occasions, ya gotta have a bit of Shloer ain't ya) and of course the food would all be a Vegan take on good old fashioned traditional pub grub! Just imagine hmmmm! 
What would you call your pub?
(comment down below)!!
Anyways, here's a little mid week ootd! I'm craving the summer so badly, but I live in London so of course it's grey and raining haha.

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Dress//H+M (bought last year)
Trainers+Socks// PRIMARK 

See you soon!
Darlene xx