I was lucky enough to be invited by Ladbrokes Bingo to have afternoon tea at the beautiful Landmark Hotel to celebrate the beginning of my favourite sporting event of the year, you guessed it ...Wimbledon! Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE tennis, so when they offered me the chance to come down I was VERY excited(partially because I had this irrational hope that R-Fed would somehow be there...he wasn't.. meh)

The Landmark Hotel

The Buff Ball Boys
We were joined by some ball boys and they were indeed buff...not 'In the buff' as I mistakingly thought. In my head, they were going to be starkers, only covering their boy bits with tennis balls.. but thankfully they were alot more wholesome and really nice guys.

 Tea is served 
The Landmark were kind enough to provide me with a full vegan aftenoon tea.

 I was overwhelmed by how lovely the food was.The lady who brought it out even went through one by one and explained what everything was! 

First, I was served some yummy finger sandwiches, then she brought out four miniature desserts plus some little crumbly scone/biscuit thingys! 
The second, third(obvs) and fourth pictures were Vegan :-)..the non vegan options were just too pretty not to take pictures of!
Also, the house tea was delicious, black tea with vanilla I 
think, I definitely recommend it!

Lovely People
It was so lovely to meet these two positive ambitious young women, Bunmi and Zaineb! We clicked instantly, so much so that people were asking 'How long have you guys been friends' haha. It was so refreshing to be able to speak to people who are as interested in Blogging and YouTube as much as I am! Go check out their blogs 

The wheelbarrow
of Wimbledon-ness


...and of course I came dressed as a Wimbledon ball girl/tennis player from the 70's/ice-cream seller! I take this whole tennis business very seriously you know hehe!

Thank you for having me Ladbrokes Bingo I had a wonderful time!!!

See you soon!! 
Lot's of love Darlene xxx